Monday, April 21, 2008

Book Bothersomes

Where have all the posters gone? Although I am glad that this board is not so busy that I wind up spending so much time reading it that I have problems finding time to read, the few posts lately have taken the joy out of the board.

I hope everyone is well and will soon start adding comments on the book.

I finished The Camel Bookmobile and did not like the ending. I especially wondered what happened to Scar Boy. I also am uncomfortable with the brief affair between Fi and Matani. Although it is true that his wife was already having an affair (unsure whether it was "consumated"), but I think Fi's entry into the scene was not helpful to the couple as they try to figure out how to handle Jwahir's love of Abayomi. Part of my unhappiness with Fi's behavior is just general discomfort with adultery, but it is also with the fact that they are such a diverse culture and it is unlikely that they will be able to pursue their relationship. I asked myself if my discomfort is because of prejudice and I don't think it is. I think that Fi's behavior is not how one should behave when a guest in another country.


alisonwonderland said...

this month so far has been so terribly crazed for me that i am behind in my reading of The Camel Bookmobile. so i've just been trying to get caught up, rather than trying to post anything. i'm hoping this week will be more conducive to reading and posting ...

Ellen D. said...

Bonnie, I must agree about the affair. (Both of them, really) I was very disappointed in that. I hope the author didn't think we would be rooting for Fi and the Teacher. It felt very wrong and uncomfortable to me. (and no, it is not the race issue that bothers me--it is the married issue) Even if they had gone to the special place and just talked all night, it didn't seem right considering he was a married man--but for the relationship to be consummated! For one thing it seemed dangerous in Africa, because of AIDS despite Fi's reassurances to her friend . It bothered me all along how Fi had a doting boyfriend (fiance?) back home that she felt very ho-hum about (love him or cut him loose after all this time!)

However, the ending I thought was pretty apt. I liked wondering what happened to everyone. I think that tribal justice may have won out. Disappearing is a way of survival. Not a permanent solution, perhaps in this day and age, but for the time being, things will remain the same.