Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In Lucia's Eyes ~ continuing the discussion

Mary Zorro said, "Bonnie, I have recently finished ILE and was frustrated with the book and the author until the last 20 or so pages. Then the real love story began and I was thankful that I stuck with the book. I did not sympathize with the characters throughout and did not 'get' the author's inclusion of certain scenes and travels of Lucia. But the ending made it all worthwhile. I have copied your questions and comments on to my BooksIRead and will be editing and responding to them there. Wish I had gotten on these boards in time to read ILE with you."

Bonnie Jacobs says to ALL book buddies, "Here's the link to Mary Zorro's ILE post, which includes not only her own musings, but comments from other people and places as well. Mary, sharing your interests, even months (or years?) later, may encourage others to speak up. Those who read the book earlier may have new insights after thinking about what they read, and there could be others who are just now reading the book, like you. As a matter of fact, why not ask your questions here? Buddies keep sharing ideas, so why not? Happy reading and discussing, everybuddy!"

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