Sunday, May 11, 2008

Windfalls' "Because" Discussion Questions

Does anybuddy remember the 1970s?

I was born in 1980. So, nope. I'm a young'un.

When were you in school?

I was in college and grad school from 1999 to 2005. In some sense, I'm still in school as I am working (very) part-time towards my MBA.

Can you relate to either young woman's situation?

I am relating to Anna a lot right now. I've never been pregnant or had an abortion. But I totally get where she is coming from not being able to imagine being a mother or wanting a child. I still feel that way. I don't dislike children. I love my young cousins and was so excited when my little sister got pregnant. I'm very scared that I feel this way actually. I would have thought by now that I'd want children. And I worry that I never will, that is feel like I want children. This has been on my mind a lot lately given that my sister is trying to get pregnant and we are very close. She'd like us to be pregnant and have our children together.

Do you know someone who has lost a baby?

The above mentioned sister, Mary, has lost two babies in the past two years. The first was a tubular pregnancy and she bled out and had to have emergency surgery. The second one just stopped growing and she didn't miscarry and had to have a DNC. The doctor says the two incidents aren't related and she should have no trouble getting pregnant again and carrying a baby to term. She is currently trying to get pregnant again.

Do you know someone who raised a child alone?

My cousin, Matt, has a child out of wedlock who must now be around four. But she lives with her mother in Michigan.

One of my close girl friends in grad school divorced her husband our third year of school. He was very abusive, both physically and emotionally. She had kept going back to him after separating several time while we were in school because she hadn't the money to support herself and her son and she had no one to care for her son while she was in class or studying. Her son was about 10 at the time. After the divorce, I remember her bring her son to B&N and the library when she studied. He was a wonderful kid and very well-behaved. I loved to spoil him with little things. My friend, she was a great mother. She and her son had a good relationship and he was lucky to have her for a mother.

I may be opening a can of worms here, but what's your opinion about abortion?

To be brief, I am pro-choice though I do not know if I would personally have an abortion. I was brought up very pro-life.

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