Monday, June 2, 2008

I figured out how to do a new post! to the right of the blog down to the bottom it says a list of "Our Participants" and for me it says Loren, Lori. They are not underlined. Also, I wondered how Loren (that is my name but I do not think I entered it anywhere) got there. Then below that it says "Our Profiles" and my "Lj" is there with a link line there. I wondered how I can get the top area to have a link line!

Did that make sense?


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Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, it makes sense to me ... because I am the one who does the Participant list on the sidebar. That means I'm the one who put "Loren" there ... because ... when I asked, you said either name, so I put them both. Now I'll change it to reflect what you've chosen to use here: Lori and Lj.

The Profile (contributors) list is generated automatically by Blogger, so it shows whatever you told Blogger when you made a screen name for yourself. That's the list where clicking a name takes you to a PROFILE of the person, also generated by Blogger ... and not by me.

When I go to the Participant list to correct your "names," I will add a link that bring up every post with your name(s) as a label. That's why I had to wait until you posted your first post. Since you didn't add any labels, I'll do that for you (as administrator, I have rather god-like abilities here, lol). But next time, type in Lori or Lj in the labels and you're good to go.

Now one more thing ... if you don't want "Loren" appearing anywhere on this blog, all you have to do is delete this post ... or ask me to delete it for you. Here's how:

At the top of the Book Buddies page, you'll see "New Post" (when you are signed in). Click on that, and it will take you to a new page where you could type up a post. Instead, click on "Edit Posts" and you'll see the whole list of posts for Book Buddies. You can edit or delete your own posts, but nobuddy else's. So if you want to get rid of any indication of "Loren" on this blog, deleting this post will get rid of what YOU said and any COMMENTS, like this one of mine.

Got it?