Sunday, June 1, 2008

Windfalls "Into the Flux" Discussion Questions

What depressing things have you picked up in the book? What positive things?

Depressing things I noticed once I'd finished this section are Anna having to consider aborting a baby that she really wants because her husband has lost his job and the family might have to move and Cerise having a troublesome teenage while in school with a toddler at home and not very much money.

Positive things I noticed are Anna's love for her husband, daughter, the place where they live, and her photographs--she sees beauty in a lot of things, and Cerise's love for her children and her hopes for a better future for all of them--she won't give up.

What do you think will come of this fight between Cerise and Melody about the battery?

I think that Melody, being the contrary teenage she is and loving her little brother, will take the battery from the fire alarm to replace the one in his toy, forgetting or choosing not to put a new battery in the fire alarm afterwards. This seems to foreshadow the possibility of a fire in the trailer which they won't be warned about, perhaps leading to dire consequences.

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