Friday, July 4, 2008

JTB-DQ ~ Book I ~ Birthday Boy

2. When is Jim's birthday? Check Zeno's letter in the opening pages. So what day is Jim's tenth birthday? If Jim's mother is "not yet thirty" (p. 7) now, she must have been 19 when he was born ten years ago. Would that have been unusual in 1924?

Growing an extra digit in his age seemed a miracle to Jim, now 1-0 instead of merely 9. Do you know anyone who grew a third digit and became 1-0-0? Saturday (tomorrow) will be my oldest granddaughter's 21st birthday, a milestone. For some the special birthday is Sweet Sixteen. For others the darkest one is the half-century mark, celebrated by friends wearing black. 3. What birthday stands out for you?

4. What birthday presents did Jim get? Overall, what did you think about Jim's tenth birthday?

5. What did you make of the scene about baptizing the chicks? And what do the uncles mean by this exchange (p. 39)?
Uncle Zeno: "Allie turned out to be a pretty good farmer, when you consider how he started out."

Uncle Coran: "At least we can be thankful he didn't try to become a preacher."

Uncle Al: "That's for sure ... I would've had to be a Methodist to keep from drowning people."

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