Monday, August 4, 2008

Discussion Book 1

I am not sure whether we decided to post our comments and answers as 'comments' or as 'posts'. Anyway, I want to say that the characters are certainly a self absorbed bunch of wealthy to upper middle class snobs. Has there been any true kindness shown by any of them? Is this the 'survival' mode of just these few, or were the French people as a whole this selfish. Usually we hear of the little kindnesses that folks do for one another in a disaster. We aren't seeing much of this here.
Now for this to be a discussion, I need a response to my questions. It seems that usually at Book Buddies we post independently of one another without responding and discussion.

Were there any kindnesses shown to each other and I missed them?

8/4/08 6:33 AM
Blogger Ellen D. said...

The only kindness that comes to mind is the Pericands when they start passing out chocolate, etc...then Mrs. Pericand realizes that despite having plenty of money there is nothing to buy! Her charity dries up at that point.

There was the transport driver that went out of his way to drop the soldier at a house to die more comfortably than in a truck.

8/4/08 7:17 AM
Blogger Zorro said...

Yes, Ellen, I forgot about the chocolates...Ms. P was a 'formulaic' Catholic, wasn't she. She went through all the correct motions, but 'had not love' so she was a 'clanging cymbal' or symbol! (Ephesians)

8/4/08 7:57 AM
Blogger Bonnie Jacobs said...

MaryZorro, I love that you see her as a mere symbol/cymbal. What fun with the words!

Thanks for picking up on that vivid image of "clanging cymbal" for us. It's from the "love chapter" of First Corinthians:

"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. ... If I give away all I have ... but have not love, I gain nothing." (I Cor. 13: 1, 3)

Mrs. Péricand certainly wasn't willing to give away "all that she had," was she?

BTW, I think we could have a better conversation if everybuddy would POST answers, using COMMENTS if it's a short responses. Therefore, I'll POST this, too.

8/4/08 2:16 PM


Bonnie Jacobs said...

I was on the phone and when I came back to POST my comment, you already had! Thanks, MaryZorro.

Toby said...

Passing out the chocolates, & lollipops was an act of caring about other people. Finding out that giving away all of your food & not being able to buy anymore, wouldn't you act in the same manner? You'd keep as much as you could to feed your children. I even told my nephew, Scott to take chocolate bars with him when he went to Italy alone, just in case he didn't get dinner when he arrived or got hungry. He's as thin as a rail. Even Aunties care. As for the wealthier families, etc., the only one that really ticks me off is that boss that dumped the couple in favor of his mistress. He's a self absorbed SOB. I'm sorry, but a promise is a promise. He promised that ride. Oh well! Maybe the couple faired better. Not using names in case I get them wrong. It can get a little confusing going back & forth between so many people. Journalistic/fiction, yes I agree. Fantastic! I didn't know any of the details of what/where the French people did during the war, since I don't know anyone to speak to to ask all of these questions.

Marylyn S said...

When I was on a convoy in Afghanistan we would hand out food and bottled water to any one we passed on the street. One day coming back we had gotten delayed and knew we were still along way out but we gave away everything except the canteens of water we carried personally. And after that when we passed people and didn’t have anything for them they threw rocks at us. But yes I would and have given it all away.

BTW I met President Bush today and they broadcast me shaking his hand on the news... Giddy as a school girl.