Monday, August 4, 2008

Ellen - Chapters 1-20

I think it is a fair picture of what was happening. Some of the descriptions were so unexpected, but so absolutely true that they could only have been recorded by an eye witness. Details even a highly informed/researched writer would not be able to assimilate. One that sticks in my mind is the sound of shops closing in the middle of the day. I remember thinking that Alan Furst, who writes very realistic feeling novels about WW2 Europe, must have found this novel a treasure trove. I wonder how many aha moments he had reading this. Her own experiences must have colored her writing, but whose doesn't? She was writing this as a novel, right?

Maybe it is the translator, but so far the book does not feel unfinished as in polished. There may be loose ends/unfinished story lines by the end.

Which figure do you think is most reflective of her experience?
Weird, but since you asked, I identify with Mme. Pericand if anyone...having children I can relate to her circumstances. And **spoiler follows** I could not meaning to forget the Elder Monsieur Pericand if an opportunity came to save my children!!!

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