Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to use LABELS

Shelley said, "Hopefully I've navigated well enough to have read all of the previous discussion and comments!"

Everybuddy listen up!

If you want to read ALL of the discussion about this book, click on the sidebar link under Suite Francaise that says, What we said about the book. That will bring up EVERY post that has been labeled "SF," which stands for "Suite Francaise."

I have been a stickler about the labels, so "SF" (or the initials for one of the other books) is put on every post that concerns that book.

"SF-DQ" is NOT interchangeable with "SF" because adding the DQ means it's a post that contains the DQs or discussion questions. Whenever DQ is added to the initials of the book, it means "here are some questions to get the discussion started."

If you are looking for the discussion questions for this book (those that we have so far), click on "Week 1 ~ Storm in June, Ch 1-20" in the sidebar. That takes you to those questions Marylyn has come up with. If you look at the bottom of that post, you'll see it is labeled both "SF" (because it's about this particular book) and "SF-DQ" (because it has some questions about this particular book).

Look at the "labels" below any post on this blog and you will see these things:
(1) the name of the person who posted it; and
(2) initials of the book under discussion ... OR ... the letters "OT" to indicate the post is "Off Topic.
You will ONLY see SF-DQ if one of us is posting QUESTIONS about a book. (Yes, I've done extensive revisions of the labels you have used. Otherwise, this blog would be useless.)

One other thing:

If you are looking at any post and want to know more about that book, click on the label to get there:
(1) Click "SF" to see all posts about "Suite Francaise."
(2) Click "SF-DQ" (if somebuddy has posted questions for everybuddy to answer) to see all posts that have questions to be answered for "Suite Francaise."
Along the same lines, if you click on a name among the labels, everything posted by that person will come up for you to read. (You can do the same thing by going to the list of PARTICIPANTS in the sidebar. If you click on a name under "Our Profiles," you will be directed to the person's profile ... and blog, if she has one.)


Zorro said...

"Otherwise, this blog would be useless.)"

How would this make the blog useless? and useless to whom? It is not useless to me.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I'm sorry, let me try again to be more precise.

In the sidebar are all the books we have read together:

August 2008 ~ Suite Française (SF) ~ by Irène Némirovsky
July 2008 ~ Jim the Boy (JTB) ~ by Tony Earley
June 2008 ~ The Devil in the White City (DWC) ~ by Erik Larson
May 2008 ~ Windfalls (WF) ~ by Jean Hegland
Apr 2008 ~ The Camel Bookmobile (CB) ~ by Masha Hamilton
Mar 2008 ~ People of the Book (POB) ~ by Geraldine Brooks
Feb 2008 ~ In Lucia's Eyes (ILE) ~ by Arthur Japin
Jan 2008 ~ Pictures of Hollis Woods (PHW) ~ by Patricia Reilly Giff
Dec 2007 ~ Cold Comfort Farm (CCF) ~ by Stella Gibbons
Nov 2007 ~ The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (BSP) ~ by John Boyne
Oct 2007 ~ The Other Side of the Bridge (OSB) ~ by Mary Lawson

If you click on the title of one of these books (in the sidebar, not in this comment), you will be directed to what I now call the "getting started" post. From that post, a reader can get to everything written about that book.

THAT is what's "useful" for me ... and maybe for others. Anyone, anytime, forever and ever (or until the internet is replaced by something else) will be able to join our conversation or "use" our discussions while they are thinking about their own reading of the book.

Therefore, my making sure our posts are labeled "correctly" (in my judgment, of course) enables this Book Buddies blog to be "useful" for us to go back and see what we said about a book (or for anyone else to see it).

Looking at it another way:
(1) Why label anything?
(2) So the label can be "used" to find the post later.
(3) What will we (the majority of us) want to find later?
(4) What we said about any of the books we have read together.
(5) How many people will come to the Book Buddies blog to read about "history of France"?
(6) Probably nobody, but if they do, they'd never find it through labels ... because I don't have a link anywhere on the opening page that says "click here if you want to find 'history of France'."
(7) If anyone remembers there was a discussion about France, the way to find it would be at the top of the Book Buddies blog ... where there's a SEARCH BOX. Type in "France" (or "history") and Blogger will find that word if it is in ANY of our posts.

"How would this [wrong labeling] make the blog useless?"

This whole post was addressed to Shelley, who had said earlier, "Hopefully I've navigated well enough to have read all of the previous discussion and comments!"

I told Shelley how to "USE" the labels to make sure she covered "all of the previous discussion" about the book she is reading (which happens to be "SF" or Suite Francaise).

To whom would mislabeling be useless? To Shelley.