Tuesday, August 12, 2008

JTB-DQ ~ Book VI ~ The View from Up Here

Thanks, Jennifer, for coming up with questions for the last section:
21. What do you think of the last section?

22. What do you think of the book as a whole?
And these are from questions I found online:
23. What is the significance of the final scene with Jim's grandfather and his two cousins? What realizations does Jim have during this scene?

24. Think about the stories that are told about Jim's father. What is his vision of the kind of man his father was?

25. Both the setting and Jim's life have a simple quality, yet through each flows a more complicated undercurrent. How do the setting and era reflect Jim's character?

26. In just one year, both Jim and the United States experienced tremendous change. How does Earley incorporate the evolving society into Jim's story? Think about education, the economy, electricity, transportation, race relations, and polio. What will Jim experience as society evolves that his uncles and mother never did? How will his adult world differ from theirs?

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