Friday, September 19, 2008

Superstar Teachers

In reading the Freedom Writers, I was quite impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of the author. She is the teacher everyone would have liked to have had for themselves and their children. Has anyone had or has one of their children had a teacher that made such a difference in the life of themself or their child? I have had some good teachers and mainly mediocre ones which was the experience for my children as well with none being truly outstanding. This is the same way with coaches. I have read stories and seen movies of a coach that makes a difference in the lives of the team, but again none made the mark of the ones in the lives of my children. Of course, if such teachers were the rule rather than the exception, it wouldn't be worth reading a book about her.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Connie Heermann, the teacher who has been suspended for a year and a half for handing out The Freedom Writers Diary to her students, met with my Bella Novella book club via speaker phone last Tuesday. She enjoyed our discussion so much that she blurted out, "I want to come to Chattanooga!" So we invited her: one woman offered her spare bedroom, two suggested speaking venues, some said we could line up reporters to interview her, and I've been emailing and calling Connie as we work out when she'll come. The answer: probably week after next. Does anybuddy here want to come hear her speak? Who can make it to Chattanooga in the next couple of weeks? I'll keep you informed about when she'll be here.

alisonwonderland said...

cool! i wish i lived closer to Chattanooga!

Anonymous said...

It's me, Toby. Blogger doesn't recognize my email..... Anyway, you go girl. Bonnie attracts authors to her & now teachers. I just wish I lived close by. Please tell all, Bonnie. Plus, have loads of fun!!