Friday, September 19, 2008

October Book

While visiting on the phone with Bonnie last night about the next month's selection, I suggested that until our group becomes more active again that we just go with the selection that she is reading as part of her face to face book club. For October, they are going to read Profiles in Courage. I read that years ago, but am game to reading it again. How does that sound to the rest of the crew?


Neco said...

Shirley & Bonnie, I agree that reading Bonnie's face-to-face book club selections until BB picks up is a good idea.

I don't think I will read Profiles in Courage with ya'll. I checked it out on B&N and it had several negative reviews. It's also not a topic I'm likely to have major interest in and I usually struggle to read non-fictions even on subjects I am very interested in. I am open to hearing what ya'll have to say about the book though and changing my mind.

I am curious or nosy (lol). Does Bonnie's face-to-face book club have a reading list for upcoming books? And what have the selections been in the past?

Thanks for the update, Shirley!

Anonymous said...

Not reading this book either, but I agree with others. Bonnie shouldn't have to go to so much work only to have so few responses. Hopefully, one of the books that she reads for her other group will generate enough interest at some point. Toby