Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hope All is Well

Although I've missed hearing from everyone, I have been remiss about checking in as well.

This morning's word of the day is lacuna which really triggered memories of our group.


plural lacunae (luh-KYOO-nee) or lacunas

noun: An empty space, gap, missing part, an opening.

From Latin lacuna (hole, gap), from lacus (lake). Earliest documented use: 1663.

"Last week's collision between two cargo ships off the coast of Mumbai has exposed several systemic lacunae."
Black Waters; The Times of India (New Delhi, India); Aug 11, 2010.

Losing touch with our group has left a lacuna in my life.

Are you all right Bonnie? Rest of group? Are we going to try to continue the group reads?


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Hi, Shirley! Isn't it fun when something like the word of the day prompts a post like this? And I love it that you used lacuna in a sentence: "Losing touch with our group has left a lacuna in my life."

Yes, I'm fine and hope everybuddy else is, too.

I figured we had run out of steam here, since nobuddy -- NOBUDDY -- answered any questions about the December book and the last comment on Book Buddies was on December 7th -- that's nearly three months ago!

Jennifer said...

Hola Shirley & Bonnie
After a long day, I must say it was nice to find your post and comment in my inbox. *hugs* to you both. I'm fine as well, just have a lot of stuff going on in my life right now.

Even though I barely got to read any with ya'll, I enjoyed the brief reprise of the Book Buddies. Ya'll were my first online book club, or indeed my first book club ever. So it is a bit nostalgic to me every time I check in here.

Bonnie, I'm not sure that I've ever mentioned but I want to that you have always made really good selections for books each month. I actually still have The Housekeeper and the Professor renewed from the library in hopes of reading it, or anything, some time soon. (I am one of those people who loathes to return books unread.)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

That's great, Jennifer! When you do read it, I hope you'll come back here and tell us about it, using the discussion questions, if they are helpful:

Shirley said...

It was great hearing from both of you!
Jennifer is certainly right that you have always selected enjoyable and thought provoking books. I've always enjoyed the comments that have been made as well as the wonderful introductions and background info and photos that Bonnie posted.
I don't read as much as I used to. Part of it is on purpose and part of it is that I have a tendency to fall asleep when I read. Reading had always been a major part of my life so this is quite a change for me that I'm not sure is temporary or permanant.
Thanks for all of the lovely reads and enjoyable memories of our group.
Wishing each of you well.

Janice said...

I first heard about The Wives of Henry Oades on your blog. Have you seen the story behind the story of Henry Oades in the New Zealand Herald?