Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another labyrinth

This morning, Donna and I walked another labyrinth.  This time, I was silent and Donna took a photo of me walking along after she had finished.  This is behind Burks United Methodist Church, which is about a mile from where we live, yet I didn't know it was there.

When I posted details on my book blog about walking the labyrinth at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Chattanooga, I got lots of comments.  Debra, a new friend I met a few months ago, left a comment with locations of several labyrinths in the Chattanooga area:
"Come walk the Labyrinth at Burks UMC.  It's in the back of the property.   It's open 24/7.  It's in the grass.  There are benches inside to sit down upon and benches on the exterior (there is a walking path along the exterior).   There used to be a holder with explanation, but the holder disappeared.  The literature is inside the church currently."
Before lunch, we drove to the church and found the labyrinth near where pre-school children were enjoying the outdoors.  Although we didn't go inside looking for the literature, we attracted the attention of a half dozen children who came to the fence near where we parked and waved at us.  That's my dark green Suburu Outback in the photo with the children in the distance, beyond one of the benches.
The pathway is made of chipped wood between grassy borders, and I saw lots of teensy-tiny mushrooms, some even in the middle of the path.  These along the path's edge are practically gigantic, compared to some I noticed.  I found the unevenness of the path disconcerting, probably because my bifocals blurred the leaves, woodchips, and mushrooms.  I felt myself sway a time or two, but Donna likes this labyrinth much more than the one in St. Paul's courtyard.

(For some reason, only some of the pictures will enlarge twice when you double-click on them.  If it works for you, you can see the uneven paths between grass.)


Zorro said...

I am in Chattanooga for a visit and would like to join you, Bonnie and Donna, on your next labyrinth outing.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Hi, Zorro! I'll find a labyrinth for us to walk while you are here in my town. Book buddies, maybe I'll be able to post a photo of all three of us together.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Debra, who told me about this labyrinth at Burks United Methodist Church, also mentioned one at Bright School here in Chattanooga. I googled and found an article that was in our local newspaper, which includes a video showing children walking that labyrinth. Nothing slow about those kids, as they hurry along the path! Here's the link to the article and video:

Shirley said...

Impressive! I hadn't thought of labyrinths being used by schools. A walk through the labyrinth does sound like a much better calming approach than a timeout.
I hadn't known the meaning of the traditional rosette center.
One of my 2013 goals will be to find a labyrinth to walk.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Shirley, come visit me in Chattanooga and I'll take you to some of these labyrinths I've walked while reading this book.