Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FB ~ Dellarobia's options

Prepared by Mary/Zorro

After Dellarobia's parents died, what options did she have?  She wanted to go to school — and did try — she tells Ovid,
"People who hadn't been through it would think it was that simple:  just get back on the bus, ride to the next stop.  He would have no inkling of the great slog of effort that tied up people like her in the day to day.  Or the quaking misgivings that infected every step forward, after a loss.  Even now, dread still struck her down sometimes if she found herself counting on things being fine.  Meaning her now-living children and their future, those things.  She had so much more to lose now than just herself or her own plans."
What are the factors that hold back people in Dellarobia's circumstances?  How can they be overcome?  How is each character's ideas about the future colored by his or her circumstances?

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Zorro said...

I think that if Dellarobia had had any encouragement from her family of her community she could have continued with her education. But she had none. It would be awfully hard to break the 'chains' that were holding her back.

With her attitude and willingness to work and learn, it would have been possible to take a few hours, even if she had to drive back and forth to school, or take courses on-line.