Friday, January 25, 2013

FB ~ climate change, science, and religion

Prepared by Mary/Zorro

Flight Behavior illuminates the conflicting attitudes of different classes towards nature and the idea of climate change.  

How does each side see this issue?  Where do they find common ground?  Do you believe in global warming or climate change?  Explain the basis of your beliefs.  How much do you know about both the proponents and opponents in this debate?

Why do so many Americans fear or dislike science?  Why do so many others fear or dislike religion?  What impact do these attitudes have on the nation now and what do they portend for our future?


Zorro said...

Bonnie, Thank you for finding these pictures and graphics for the questions.

Zorro said...

Climate change seems to clearly be occurring...I base my understanding of climate change on scientific data and personal observations. I do not understand how the doubters can argue with the evidence.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Mary, I haven't figured out any illustrations for your last three posts, coming up. Any ideas?

Shirley said...

The illustration on climate change was neat, Mary.

I haven't followed the climate change "debate" as much as I should, but it does seem like the doubters are the same group that dispute evolution and believe in a young earth.

Unfortunately, too often, churches/religion feels threatened by science. Yet the Bible encourages knowledge and seeking truth. According to Emerson, "The religion that is afraid of science dishonors God and commits suicide."

The inability to accept changes when new truths are found has contributed to current skepticism about churches. If I remember correctly, flexibility was one of the traits of the successful mainline churches discussed in our last book.

caboose said...

The human race has scorched our earth with our desirers for more. The landfills are full, the ocean polluted daily and our weather around the globe has changed. I personally do not believe people care any more about mother earth then they care about insects or the beautiful elephants. Scientist has been warning us for thirty years about protecting our world. Unfortunately, until we are hit upside the head with more tsunamis on our own backyard we citizens are takers and users have not learned. I believe God gave us this beautiful world to treasure like gold.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Shirley, if you click on the photos and illustrations, most of them will get larger and be easier to read.

Shirley said...

That helped, Bonnie. Thanks!