Saturday, January 26, 2013

FB ~ stereotypes, social issues, the media

Prepared by Mary/Zorro
For Dellarobia...
"Nobody truly decided for themselves, there was too much information.  What they actually did was scope around, decide who was looking out for their clan, and sign on for the memos on a wide array of topics."
Do you agree that this is a fair assessment of a divided America?  How can we get beyond our judgments and stereotypes?

How is media both a help and a hindrance in our understanding of social issues?  How does it offer clarity and how does it add confusion?  How is the media portrayed in Flight Behavior?  What impact does it have on Dellarobia and the fate of the butterflies?  People are envious that the media pays attention to Dellarobia, yet she says being interviewed was like "having her skin peeled off."  Why are so many people consumed by a desire for fame?

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alisonwonderland said...

I'd have to search for the actual reference (and maybe it's in the same area as this quote), but I liked one passage in particular so much that I read it to my husband - where Dellarobia observes that she has learned the reason why there are so many television stations: so that one never has to watch something he or she disagrees with. That just hit me as such an honest evaluation of today's society!