Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HELP post

Just so you know ... we could not jump straight into a book until everybuddy had at least a bit of an idea of how blogs work.

These are the things you should know:

1. POSTS ~ people will see these when they sign on, so for something important, write a POST.

2. COMMENTS ~ these are visible only under each POST, so for chit-chat in response to a post, write a COMMENT.

3. LABELS ~ these appear at the bottom of each POST, but you have to put them there ... they are NOT automatic. I have added LABELS for newbies because you haven't learned about them yet, but it would be good if everybuddy would put your name in the labels. When you post, it's a little blank line on the bottom edge of the form you use to post. I'm labeling this POST by my name and by HELP ... and I'll put a HELP note in the sidebar so you can always click on HELP and bring up all these "helpful" posts. When you write a post, please add your name as a LABEL.

4. PARTICIPANTS ~ when you want to find a post somebuddy wrote, click on the person's name on the alphabetical list of PARTICIPANTS. I have made each of these a LINK to "all posts by" that person, and THAT is why you should label your posts.

5. CONTRIBUTORS ~ if you want to read a person's profile, click on her name in the list of CONTRIBUTORS, which is random because it is assembled by Blogger ... you got on this list by joining when you got the invitation.

6. HELP ~ I'll put a HELP link on the sidebar to the right ... when you aren't sure about something, click that and all posts I've written and labeled HELP will appear. If your question is not answered, just ask me in either a POST or a COMMENT, and I'll post something about it as soon as I can.

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