Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two Questions

It is great to have Book Buddies back again!

Two questions:
1. How can you tell when a new message or comment has been written? I added a comment yesterday to re-introduce myself, but realize that it might have been better to have posted it under this "Create Post" method.
2. When are we going to select the first book for the new board?
Bonnie: "Shirley introduced herself on Introductions ~ reposted."


sally906 said...

I'm not sure about the comments bit - I know in blogs I am the author of I clicked a setting that sends me an e-mail if anyone makes a comment - but this doesn't happen with blogs that someone else creates and invites me to be a member of. I presume Bonnie will get the notification but we won't :)

Just have to come back every day and look and see - LOL

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Yes, Shirley, it would be better to POST it so it's immediately visible to everybuddy who visits the site. Sally is right ... I'm the only one who will be notified. I'm about to tell all BBs (in a new POST) what comes next. I'm glad you posted this. Thanks.