Monday, September 24, 2007

Let's Read!

Hi All,

Its great to be back again with all of you. I have missed ALL of you, it was so wonderful discussing not just books and our readings but so much about our personal lives on the Island and I have missed it. Bless Bonnie for getting us all together again!

As I have mentioned, I dont mind reading modern classics or new books with substance. I enjoyed many of the earlier books we had read together, so as long as we all decide together I am sure, it will be a good selection. Or like earlier, we can all suggest one book and go from there.

Update : Still living in New Delhi, India. Building a new home with my husband(If any of you remember me mentioning that earlier, its because everything takes ALOT longer in India to get done but hopefully another month or so and we should be there!) Work is busy as usual and the festival season is around the corner here in India. So , not too much new here!


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