Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chapters of your life?

What headlines would be most significant in marking the chapters of your life?

This is part of one question found HERE.

Hey, buddies, I posted the final set of questions for The Other Side of the Bridge by Mary Lawson, better known now as OSB. Here's more of what you'll find in that post:

What dreams for the future did each of these generations possess?
What dreams did YOU have for your future? Did they happen?

What is the riskiest romantic decision you have made?

Why is Ian so transformed by the “day of the dragonflies” that concludes chapter nine?

What does it mean for the characters to reach the other side of the bridge?

How did you react to the knowledge that Ian followed in his father’s footsteps after all?

Pick and choose the questions that interest you. Nobuddy has to answer all the questions, just whatever you would like.

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Shirley said...

Even though this was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed, I guess I am just too much into World Without End to give much more thought to Other Side of the Bridge.

Margreet presented some good questions about the author's need to have Arthur's father killed on his tractor the very first day he used it and to have Jake accidently kill Carter when he tried to escape from Arthur. I thought these were dramatic, but I guess I am so cold to things that neither event bothered me that much.

I wonder more about Ian's role in the episode by telling Arthur about seeing Jake and Laura together. If he had kept quiet.... Arthur sure did impress me though the way he was loyal to Laura and expressed his love for her. Although I wondered why Laura found any temptation with Jake after he had ditched her the first time, I did like that she did remain with Arthur and apparently did love him.