Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dutch authors

This afternoon Bonnie called me...that was such fun!! Thank you again Bonnie for the nice talk we had. She asked me if I could give you ladies the names of a few contemporary Dutch authors.
We could look at a few of them for next year maybe? This way you might read a 'Dutch' book you otherwise wouldn't have thought of. Oh well, I'll just throw in the names of my favourites, and we'll see how it goes.

female authors:
Renate Dorrestein
Hella Haasse
Anna Enquist

Maarten 't Hart
Arthur Japin
Adriaan van Dis
Arnon Grunberg

I can't give names of books, because I don't know the English titles. I'm not even sure all of these have been translated, but I assume most of them have. These authors all have published within the last 3 years.


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thank you, Margreet. I'll look up some of these authors and mention books that are in English. I enjoyed talking with you, too! What fun, to actually laugh together!

Shirley said...

Reading some Dutch authors sounds like fun indeed!

That's neat that Bonnie and Margreet have now laughed together. Lower phone costs and internet have sure made our world a smaller place allowing lots of intereaction not readily available just a few years ago.

Margreet said...

yes, Shirley. Isn't today's world amazing? To know we have friends all over the world, real friends, thanks to the internet!