Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Voting so far

First, by a vote of 4 to 3, Cold Comfort Farm is our December choice. This is too close, so we need a better method of deciding.
Cold Comfort Farm 4 (57%)
One of the other books 3 (42%)
Votes so far: 7
Poll closed
Voting on the list in the next post down looks like this, but we don't have many votes in yet:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ~ (6 votes)
Cold Comfort Farm ~ (4 votes) (in earlier voting)
Curious Incident ~ (0)

Devil and Miss Prym ~ (0)
Distinguished Guest ~ (1 vote)
Family Tree ~ (2 votes)

Gilded Chamber ~ (4 votes)
Jonathan Strange ~ (0) very long book
March ~ (0)

Night Journal ~ (3 votes)
No. 1 Ladies Agency ~ (3 votes)
Summons to Memphis ~ (0)

Water for Elephants ~ (1 vote)
Wish You Well ~ (0)
World Without End ~ (0) very long book

Voting will end on Friday evening. On Saturday I'll eliminate any that have no votes. Please vote by leaving a comment on the next post ... or on this one. Thanks.

UPDATE: I have eliminated the two very long books, but we could decide later to do a long book over a two or three month period. That hasn't worked so well in the past, however.


Marg said...

I'm confused! I though that this was the list we were voting for for December!

Never mind!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Sorry, Marg, I'm confusing everybuddy, myself included. The voting thingy in the sidebar was 4-3 in favor of Cold Comfort Farm, which didn't get a vote in the post (yet) ... except for Carole's "vote" beyond two, which I didn't count. Should I start over? I am seriously asking this question.

By the way, I'll go into the post itself and update the overnight voting, right now.

Marg said...

I've had a rough week so it could just be me that is all confuzzled!

I am happy to start again if others were also confused!

Margreet said...

I'm confused as Cold Comfort Farm for December sounds nice, but maybe it's a bit too light? I mean, I do have to buy it which will cost me at least 12 euros (15US$). And that's 7 cents per page..

I read Poisonwood Bible many years ago, and loved it. I said before in here, somewhere in a comment, that 'Animal, Vegetable, Miracle' seems to me a 'pamphlettistic' book. Bonnie explained to me that this word doesn't exist though...but she did know what I meant.

It's just that I need uplifting books right now. it's dark and gloomy outside, and everyone's tired..whine whine.

My vote from the list in this post:
1. No.1 Ladies Detective Agency.

Margreet said...

And 2. Water for elephants.

sorry, I thought I could change my comment before this one. Now you have 2 fro me..oops!

Kailana said...

Are we voting again or did I vote already? I voted down below, but are we starting again?

Toby said...

I'd like to read No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency for my fist choice, since I had already wanted to read this. As for the 2nd choice, I just checked out the books with the most votes. I like them all, but since more people voted for Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I'll add my vote.