Friday, October 26, 2007


That's interesting, Kristina, that you were disappointed when Ian took over his dad's practice. I know what you mean, he would have been able to leave the small town. I, on the other hand, guessed very early in the book that Ian, dispite his silent protest, was cut out to be a doctor. The way he kept his calm in a crisis, and helped out his dad after the mother had left them. But yes, he could have been a doctor anywhere. So why did he stay in Struan? What caused his not being able to break free of the town he grew up in?

I used the headlines as a bit of trivia. As a way to know what was happening in the outside world, and to have a bit of a timeframe.

Shirley mentioned the fact that Ian could have kept quiet about Jake and Laura. yes, indeed! it was not a very commendable thing to do, although I do believe he had only the best of intentions. So why did he tell on them? I'm sure he regretted it for the rest of his life...


Anonymous said...

Margreet, I agree. I can see that he was cut out to be a doctor because of the things you mentioned. I guess I was just disappointed that he never acted on such a strong impulse to leave.

Margreet said...

Yes, Kristina, I know what you mean. But now I still don't understand why he stayed in Struan. Was it the pull of Laura? if it had been me, I would have left the town to leave all those memories behind. Or was it that they had all lived through so much, that it made their bond even stronger, and that's why he stayed?