Friday, October 26, 2007


Caboose said:

23. How was Ian shaped by an era of greater liberation, with television for entertainment and “risqué” music on the radio?
Maybe it’s my age, but to me we live in an era when television for entertainment, music on the radio, and access to computers is very dangerous for our children. All right of entry to these home/ school invasions need to be watched closely by adults. The attention needed for raising children in today society, must be frightening for all parents.
24. What is the riskiest romantic decision you have made?
I have lived with a man for forty years without a marriage license, which was a personal decision I made.
26. Discuss the novel’s title.
Sounds to me like an interesting title that could mean anything, a change in beliefs, a conquest or just making a gigantic decision and living with the consequences.
Do you think people live mostly in the present? Or do many people live in the past, always remembering or maybe feeling regret? Or do some live in the future, always scheming about how to get rich quick or living for the day when things will change?
I sure wish my mind would let me live in the present. I am one of those people who can not forget the past, on the other hand, I think the past helps you face the future, I look at the past as knowledge, which I can share with those who will listen and grow with wisdom. I see people who think they are running scams to get rich quick and watch them fail. I would not want to see us go back to the horse and buggy days, but would like to see us go back in mind and spirit to a more accommodating time. Surly there must be a happy medium.

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