Tuesday, December 4, 2007

CCF questions 1 & 2

I am not enjoying this book. I have finished about half the book in hopes it would improve. I still am not enjoying it. I will probably finish it because it is a group read. I understand from the prologue that this book is intended to funny, but I haven't found the humor as yet. I find it to be more satirical than humorous.

1. What do you think of Flora Poste?
Not much. She is supercilious and egotistical.

2. What do you think of the other characters?
They seem one dimensional for the most part. I find little to endear me to Adam except for the small mystery he brings with his musings about Elfine. She seems a free spirit wrapped in what little mystery the book contains so far. Judith seems like a very sad soul and Amos revels in the negative. Seth is useless and Reuben is wrapped up in farming the land no matter how poor.

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