Monday, February 25, 2008

Notes, quotes, and questions about POB

People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks is divided into thirteen sections. I'll add names here, as they are introduced in the book, and (in an attempt to make it worth your while to come here and comment) I'll add "notes, quotes, and questions" about POB in a separate post: click here.

Hanna ~ Sarajevo, Spring 1996 ~ (pp. 1-44)
Dr. Hanna Heath (main character), Hammish Sajjan (Scottish Sikh, UN observer), Amitai Yomtov (Jewish), Dr. Ozren Karaman (Muslim)

I ~ (pp. 3-13)
II ~ (pp. 13-25)
III ~ (pp. 25-33)
IV ~ (pp. 33-41)
V ~ (pp. 41-44)

An Insect's Wing ~ Sarajevo, 1940 ~ (pp. 45-90)
Lola/Leila, Dora, Lujo and Rashela, Mordachai, Isak and Ina, Maks, Oskar, Branko, Sava (Jews); Stela and Serif Kamal and Habib (Albanian Muslims); ...

Hanna ~ Vienna, Spring 1996 ~ (pp. 91-104)

Feathers and a Rose ~ Vienna, 1894 ~ (pp. 105-127)

Hanna ~ Vienna, Spring 1996 ~ (pp. 129-144)

Wine Stains ~ Venice, 1609 ~ (pp. 145-189)

Hanna ~ Boston, Spring 1996 ~ (pp. 191-214)

Saltwater ~ Tarragona, 1492 ~ (pp. 215-258)

Hanna ~ London, Spring 1996 ~ (pp. 259-272)

A White Hair ~ Seville, 1480 ~ (pp. 273-316)

Hanna ~ Sarajevo, Spring 1996 ~ (pp. 317-326)

Lola ~ Jerusalem, 2002 ~ pp. 327-336)

Hanna ~ Arnhem Land, Gunumeleng, 2002 (pp. 337-368)

Afterword ~ (pp. 369-372)

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Readers Guide on a page that also shows the map I shared two or three weeks ago and an illustrated page from the Sarajevo Haggadah (also included here in this post, click to enlarge it)

Conversation with Geraldine Brooks about the book

Essay by Brooks detailing the fascinating World War II history of the Sarajevo Haggadah: "The Book of Exodus: A Double Rescue in Wartime Sarajevo" appeared in the New Yorker on Dec 3, 2007


Zorro said...

I am reading POB really quickly and really enjoying it. I have just started A While Thread p. 273. I had not intended to read ahead so much and so fast, but the book has drawn me in. I do love the way G Brooks writes these separate short stories about the periods of the artifacts found in the book. There is no reason to have to remember who these characters are, so put aside your score card. Well, you do need to remember Hanna and the people associated with her life, which seems to somewhat parallel the stories of the people of the book.

Zorro said...

A White Hair ~ Seville, 1480 ~ (pp. 273-316)