Saturday, March 8, 2008

POB ~ schedule

Feb 25-29 ~ read pages 1-44
Post comments as you read
March 1-7 ~ discuss pages 1-90 ~ insect wing
March 8-14 ~ discuss pages 91-189 ~ feathers, rose, wine
March 15-21 ~ discuss pages 191-272 ~ saltwater
March 22-28 ~ discuss pages 273-372 ~ white hair
March 28-31 ~ party with the characters

Allison, you saw this reading schedule here. It should be in the sidebar, but for some reason Blogger is not letting me update it there. I've tried for over a week. If you click on the links, you'll get to the questions for that section. Clicking on the label POB-DQ gets all the questions about this book, which is why the POB-DQ label should be used only when ASKING questions, not for answering them.

We should be discussing pages 91-189 this weekend, but I don't have the questions posted yet. Thanks to Mary Zorro, Marg, Shirley, and Allison for keeping the ball in the air.

UPDATE: I tried something different -- hitting the ENTER key to "add item" instead of clicking on "add item" as directed -- and it worked! So we now have this schedule at the top of the sidebar. I don't understand why things always work, until suddenly they don't. Anyway, now I'll concentrate on coming up with the next set of questions. If you can think of a question or two, please post them with POB-DQ as a label. Thanks.

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alisonwonderland said...

thanks, Bonnie, for re-posting the schedule! i guess i'd better go read a few more pages so i'll be ready for that second set of questions once you have a chance to post them.

i really am enjoying this book and the discussion thus far!