Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Questions for the author ~ we've reached the end of the month!

In a comment to the Part Three discussion questions (below), Alison said:
I did finish the book earlier this week. I wish I had had more time this month to post about it, but I will do a post by the weekend about some of my final thoughts.

I do think we need to ask Masha Hamilton if she can do cartwheels!

I'd also love to hear her thoughts about the female circumcision and other women's rights issues (such as polygamy, abuse, status as "property") that are only peripheral to the novel but which provide some context for the importance of education and for Kanika's life goals.
I'll send this to Masha Hamilton later today, waiting for the possibility that somebuddy will have more questions to add. Please, please, please? For the record, Masha joined my face-to-face book club last night via speakerphone ... and I know the answer to the cartwheels question! However, I think I'll let you hear it in her own words.

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