Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suite Francaise ~ how far did you get in it?

Jennifer said, "I am currently enjoying Suite Française but I am only done with the first book so far. I like it cause I don't know much about WWII in France and I like puzzling over people's actions and reactions."

Shirley said, "I am now reading Appendix II of Suite Francaise. I enjoyed the book and it is eerie reading it knowing that it was being written as she was living (and later dying) through this historical time. The Appendices have been enlightening both about the author and the book. It was interesting that one of her notes was that the people like reading about the rich. Maybe that was why she included so many, but she sure doesn't give much respect to them."

You both got further than I did ... the book was overdue at the library and had to be returned. But August was a nice break for me because Marylyn did the work for us this month. Thanks, Marylyn! Is everybuddy ready to move on to the next book?


Shirley said...

I finished Suite Francaise yesterday. The appendices made me like the book even better than when I read her writing. The despair in the correspondence was quite disturbing as one realized not only the futility of the attempt to gain Irene's feelings, but how many others didn't even have anyone who was able to attempt to rescue them. Knowing that she knew even before she was arrested that things were hopeless was quite disturbing.

I have 100 pages left to finish another library book that is due back tomorrow so I am going to try to get it finished and will then start our new book.

Neco said...

Hola Bonnie

I am now done with the second book in SF. I have only the appendices to read which I will hopefully finish tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble signing in. It's me Toby. I'm reading Book 2, & I think Ch. 9 or a later Ch. It was harder to keep up with, because I was watching the Olympics & the Political Conventions. I will continue reading this book. I was also reading a free, fantastic, online book/novella. You can read it on your computer. It's a Mystery book. It's called Sweet Ginger Poison. Go to this site-- Let me know if you do read it & if you like it. Toby

Marylyn S said...

I finished SF a little over 2 weeks ago. I have been scrambling with my home work, I decided to take 2 courses this semester. What was I thinking? So besides the 6 textbooks I am also reading "fire in the blood" it is a newly discoverd work by Nemirovsky that I found at a small foriegn book store by the base.