Monday, May 17, 2010

Bonnie's answer to question #4 of the first set of DQs

Here's question #4 from the first set of DQs:
4.  Jacob lists twelve things he can't stand (page 20).  Do you see his logic?  We all have things we could put into such a list.  What would yours be?
Here are the twelve things Jacob lists:
(1)  The sound of paper being crumpled.  I can't ell you why, but it makes me feel like someone's doing that to all my internal organs.
(2)  Too much noise or flashing lights.
(3)  Having plans change.
(4)  Missing CrimeBusters, which is on the USA Network at 4:30 every day, thanks to the wonders of syndication.  Even though I know all 114 of the episodes by heart, watching them daily is as important to me as taking insulin would be to a diabetic.  My whole day is planned around it, and if I can't have my fix, I get shaky.
(5) When my mother puts my clothes away.  I keep them in rainbow order, ROYGBIV, and the colors can't touch.  She does her best, but the last time, she completely forgot about indigo.
(6)  If someone else takes a bite of my food, I have to cut off the part that his/her saliva has touched before I can eat any more of it.
(7)  Loose hair.  It freaks me out, which is why mine is military short.
(8)  Being touched by someone I don't know.
(9)  Foods with membranes, like custards; or foods that explode in your mouth, like peas.
(10)  Even numbers.
(11)  When people call me retarded, which I am not.
(12)  The color orange.  It means danger, and there's no rhyme for it in English, which makes it suspicious.  (Theo wants to know why I can tolerate things that are silver, then, but I won't even rise to the argument.)
Some of these answer questions I have been "showing" you in pictures, like his being bothered by orange (first set of DQs) and by loose hair (third set of DQs).  ROYGBIV is mentioned several times in the book.  Do you know ROYGBIV (which I've also seen printed as Roy G. Biv) stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet?  I have no idea why the designer of the color wheel pictured above gave red twice as much space -- unless it because s/he couldn't divide a circle into seven parts.

I, too, prefer odd numbers.  But my reasoning is different from Jacob's.  I have always liked being just a little bit "odd"!  The two houses I've owned were numbered 109 and 1909.  (Yep, that's odd.)  My current zip code is 37409, and nine is my favorite number.  See?  I'm odd.  Jacob would probably like me, huh?


Bonnie Jacobs said...

I have a question about colors. I know that red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors. Between red and yellow, there's orange, made up of those two colors. In the same way, green is between yellow and blue, and purple is between blue and red.

My question: Why are there TWO shades of purple between red and blue on the rainbow chart, but not two shades of orange or two shades of green?

Shirley said...

Bonnie's comment about liking odd numbers as she likes being odd reminds me of my youngest son's surgery when he was in high school. The surgeon explained before the surgery that since she was unable to tell where the cyst was attached that she might have to remove his belly button when the cyst was removed. The first thing he asked when he woke up in the recovery room was whether or not he still had a belly button. I told him that she didn't have to remove it. He sighed in disappointment and said that he had wanted to be unique. The interesting thing about his comment is that he is 7'7" so already has a uniqueness.