Monday, May 17, 2010

Shall we party on Essencia Island?

How many of us are interested in having a party on Essencia Island at the end of the month?  That's the online "place" we go to devour tons of (cyber) food and laugh with one another and the characters from our book.  Yes, that's right, Jacob will be there, along with Theo and Emma and Rich and Oliver -- and even that prosecutor, if she wants to come.  What was her name, again?  Does anybuddy remember?  Though it may freak Jacob out to see her there, Jess (who was alive during part of the book) could very well show up.  The Island is magical that way.

Another question we should consider -- and the reason I'm asking this question so early in the month:
What must be do to make Essencia Island "friendly" for Jacob?  Is there anything we should NOT bring to the party?  Anything special we should DO beforehand?  I already know we should avoid any food that happens to be orange, like these cheddar cheese cubes.  (Though I don't see a problem with cheese of another color.)
Does everybuddy remember how to reach Essencia Island?  Either click on the name of the island in this post or on the picture of Essencia Island on the sidebar.  Got that?  I wouldn't want you to get lost on your way to the end-of-book party!


Bonnie Jacobs said...

Do you remember our parties on Essencia Island? Even those who had trouble getting copies of the books we read -- like Marylyn in Korea -- could join us for the parties.

Jennifer said...

I remember the parties! I'll drop in when I've finished House Rules. I do not want the ending accidentally spoiled there. But I'm almost done with the book anyways. I still have to go back and do some discussion questions too.

I was wondering too if there will be a June selection for the Book Buddies?

Shirley said...

I was wondering to about a June selection.
Although I often attended the parties, I am in my internet life the same dull person that I am in my offline life and am just not a party person.
I doubt that Jacob will enjoy it either unless we do the party as a murder mystery.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Shirley, I hadn't thought of that! You are, of course, absolutely right that Jacob probably wouldn't enjoy a party on Essencia Island "unless we do the party as a murder mystery." But who knows?

Jennifer, usually we picked a particular day (all 24 hours of it) to party, and it wouldn't happen until the very end. Maybe we should "party" whenever we each finish reading -- even if the party spreads over several days. What do you think, buddies?

June selection -- I will be reading Shanghai Girls for my face-to-face book club. It's a novel by Lisa See, who wrote Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which was a really good book. Would Shanghai Girls work for Book Buddies? Maybe I should ask this in a POST.

Lynne said...

Shirley, What a grat idea. A muder mystery would be ideal to celebrate with Jacob and I think we would be able to have fun solving the mystery. (It would have to be real easy for me to catch on though) lol It could be like a scavenger hunt even as we look for the clues Jacob has hidden for us to find. (Just thinking)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

A murder mystery party is fine with me, as long as you don't think I'm the one who is going to come up with clues. I'm not Jacob.

Jennifer said...

Shirley, you are NOT dull at all girl! I thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughtful, detailed comments to my long chapter posts. And your idea about the murder mystery party is a great one! I would not have come up with it.

Bonnie, I like the idea of a 24hr party. We could always spread it out over 2-3 days so everyone could attend. My idea is one colored foods for Jacob based on which day(s) of the week the party is.

I would LOVE to read Shanghai Girls with the BB in June! I loved Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and I already have a copy of SG.

I think Jacob would enjoy setting up the crime scene for us. =)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I have looked at the calendar and see that the last two days of May are on a Sunday and a Monday. If we party BOTH days (maybe even starting to talk about it on Saturday), we'll have plenty of time for all of us to visit more than once. So .......

PARTY TIME will be

May 30-31
Sunday and Monday
all day, both days

Bonnie Jacobs said...

I'm cleaning up Essencia Island, in case anybuddy wants to come help me get things ready for the party, which starts tomorrow. It's a two-day party, planned for this Sunday and Monday. Here's where to go: