Saturday, October 27, 2007

Books still on the list ~ time for final VOTING

It's Saturday and I have eliminated the books that received no votes. This is what we have left, in order of popularity:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ~ (6 votes)
Gilded Chamber ~ (4 votes)
Cold Comfort Farm ~ (4 votes) (in earlier voting)
Night Journal ~ (3 votes)
No. 1 Ladies Agency ~ (3 votes)
Family Tree ~ (2 votes)
Distinguished Guest ~ (1 vote)
Water for Elephants ~ (1 vote)

I am eliminating the bottom three so we have exactly five choices, the number allowed by the voting thingy. I'll list the five in reverse alphabetical order and ask you to vote between now and Wednesday. On Thursday the book with the highest number of votes will be our December book, and we'll be ready to make new suggestions (like Margreet's Dutch books) and vote soon for our January book. I hope this satisfies everyone. If not, please comment on this post.

UPDATE: The voting thingy would have let me do lots more this time. I don't understand why it wouldn't allow that when we had a list of 15. Nevertheless, I think I'll leave it as is, and we can add back any of these books later, if we choose.


Shirley said...

Once again I get the cannot process request message when I try to vote. I tried voting before signing in and after wards. Hopefully, it will let me vote another day. GRRRRRRRR!

Margreet said...

I voted just now, and it went so fast I didn't even realize i had voted My vote went to the Detective Agency book.

Shirley, were you logged in? You can check this by looking at the very top of the homepage where it should show your email address. Just a thought..

Anonymous said...

I voted as was a fast process! I voted for Comfort Farm because after it was mentioned it looked really good.

Toby said...

The vote thing didn't work. Yes, I was signed in. I vote for the Detective Agency book.

caboose said...

My vote is for The Comfort Farm for December. I hope it counted.

caboose said...
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Bonnie Jacobs said...

Toby, try again next time you are here.

Shirley said...

I vote for Night Journal.

It still did not allow me to vote. First I tried to vote before signing in and then I tried to vote after signing in.

I will try again tomorrow and will let you know if I succeed so that my vote won't be counted twice. Actually, it looks like I'm the only one voting for Night Journal so maybe the "vote early, vote often" philosophy may be its only hope. LOL!