Sunday, October 28, 2007

OSB ~ one more DQ

Kristina and Margreet have an interesting discussion going on here about the question:

33. Why did Ian stay in Struan?

How about more of us consider this question? Why do you think he stayed?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I just came across this site while doing an english ISU. Just wanted to leave my own thoughts here as well.

I think that Ian stayed in Struan ultimately because of what happened to poot little Carter. Throughout the novel you could see him struggling with the ideas of resposibility, duty and expectations. He was unsure of whether it was better to fill the expectations of others, or to do what you wanted to do for yourself instead.

Somewhere in the novel Ian talks about how one's life is decided, if one can lead a good, happy life simply from working hard, or if it is just luck that decides the outcome (this concept is reflected with Arthur's life. Poor guy).

I think all of these uncertainties that he had came to a point when Ian witnessed Carter getting run down by Jake.

Not sure if I really answered the question. But I tried.