Monday, February 17, 2014

The Second Step ~ Look at Your Own World


1.  "Can you think of a twenty-first century equivalent to the li (ancient rites controlling egotism and cultivating compassion, described on page 40) that would make each member of the family feel supremely valued" (p. 71)?

2.  "How can you make your family a school for compassion, where children learn the value of treating all others with respect?  What would life be like if all family members made a serious attempt to treat one another 'all day and every day' as they would wish to be treated themselves" (p. 71)?

3.  "What would be the realistic criteria of a compassionate company," organization, school, or community" (p. 71)?

4.  To whom in your life — home, work, school, etc. — would you give a Golden Rule prize and why (pp. 71-72)?


1.  Look at what's happening in your family, school, workplace, religious community, penal institutions, etc.  What teachings, practices, or policies contribute to a lack of compassion?  Identify ways you might help bring them to light and/or change them — whether it's writing a letter to the editor of the local paper, creating a curriculum on compassion, starting a mediation program in the schools, or whatever action resonates with you.

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life ~ by Karen Armstrong, 2010