Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Camel Bookmobile (2007) ~ April discussion

My copy of the book was delivered just before 1:00 pm today, just in time for us to start. Somebuddy has already asked when the schedule would be posted ... and I must admit that I am simply not a magician ... I cannot post a monthly schedule for a book I have never seen. Nope, I'm great and wonderful and all sorts of things, but I cannot produce outlines out of thin air. Today is the date of publication of the paperback version, and now I have a copy in hand. Therefore, I can (and have) outlined the book in the past 45 minutes, having turned . every . single . page . of this copy. Yes, you are welcome to see what I have discovered ... and outlined for my notes ... by clicking on my Notes, Quotes, and Questions. And now, we are off and running!

Story Behind the Book
The Camel Bookmobile Video
Camel Bookmobile photos
Excerpt from the book
(Post questions and comments as you read)
Discussion questions for Part One
April 7 ~ Masha answers questions
Discussion questions for Part Two
Discussion questions for Part Three
Discussion questions for Part Four
Discussion questions for Part Five
Discussion questions for Part Six
party with the characters


Jennifer said...

Oops, sorry about that Bonnie! I'd somehow figured that you had the hardcover in your to-be-read pile and that was why you suggested it. Not sure why I'd figured that. LOL

B&N has my book in and I'll be picking it up tomorrow. Thanks for the schedule. I like that the books is divided into shorter reading sections.

Marg said...

Someone else got to the library before me, so the book isnt due back until 29 April.

Shirley said...

I'm sorry to hear that someone got to the library before you did, Marg. Perhaps you can follow the discussion and decide whether it is worthy of buying it or not. I was lucky and have already received it from our library. I like the short chapters and the plot of the book, but I don't know if I would have wanted to buy it or not.

Marg said...

I am trying not to buy anything that is available through the library system. Maybe it will come in earlier.

Jennifer said...

Gah! So I ordered my book from B&N because they didn't have a copy there. Something about the transition from hardcover to the paperback which just came out. I got my email that my book was in and went to pick it up today. And they had a hardcover one for me! And no paperbacks were in the store either! The most annoying thing about this is that they did the same thing with In Lucia's Eyes a few months ago. I figured there might have been some confusion with that cause the book was in Dutch originally or something. But this time, the person who ordered the book for me mentioned the paperback was coming in on the 3rd for them and they would just put aside a copy for me. At least all my other errands today were successful and completed in much less time than I'd thought.